Welcome to the official website of the degree programmes in Management Engineering at Sapienza University of Rome.

Sapienza offers two degree programmes in Management engineering: a three-year undergraduate degree programme (Bsc) and a two-year master degree programme (MSc). 

Management engineers receive a thorough education that integrates the methodologies of mathematics and natural science with the technological expertise of engineering and a full understanding of the economic and organizational issues involved in the field of engineering.

Management engineers are able to effectively apply advanced methods of operations research, economic analysis and management to the identification, formulation and solution of problems related to the design, planning, organization and management of goods and service production. 

The success of management engineers has been driven by the growth of technologically advanced industries and complex services, which benefit from the integration of mathematical modeling, economics and technology.

Graduates in Management Engineering from Sapienza University are offered ample job opportunities: the employment rates of Master graduates are above the average employment rates of Italian management engineers, Italian engineers and Master graduates in Economics and Statistics. Overall, the number of management engineers employed in the manufacturing industry (31.9%) is lower than the number of graduates employed in service industries, consulting and information technology (68.1%) [source: 2013 data Almalaurea].